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Unless specified in product details, all pieces are handmade earthenware ceramics, created through slip casting; each one of them are poured and put to dry for 24 hours, then sanded and smoothed, and finally brush glazed individually by hand. They are fired twice; one 28 hours biscuit firing and one 27 hours glaze firing before becoming the unique pieces you hold in your hand.

Because of their handmade nature, all products may slightly vary in colour and weight from their representation on the website and may have small imperfections. This is the beauty of handmade products.

The glazes used are lead-free, non-toxic, thus food safe and suitable for everyday use in your kitchen.

All pieces’ bottoms are glazed for a smooth feeling and preventing them from staying wet after washing but there might be some imperfections. They may cause damage to delicate furniture if not carefully used. They are also dishwasher safe, but I recommend careful care to avoid cracks for a longer product life.

I am focusing on three collections where colours I use are the main differentiators, the shapes usually remain the same;

“Rustic” is inspired by a minimalist and natural approach to modern tableware where I love to use simple and earthy colours. They look simply elegant on your table and bring forward the beauty of your food.

“Mediterranea” is where I am digging the roots of my Mediterranean background and my longing for the sea, which explains my intensive use of shades of blues and greens. They just make me feel home and energetic at the same time with their vibrant colours.

“Abstract” is my special collection where all pieces are unique in the way that I use watercolour techniques which yield a different outcome at each glazing. Because I simply love abstract figures and the excitement each time I open the kiln to see the results J For this collection only, each product you receive is exactly what you see while ordering.

You can follow my work at:



You can place your order through the website for existing products but I also accept custom and wholesale orders; so if you have specific needs, please contact me directly at

The regular delivery time may take up to 5 working days in the UK for pieces that are already in stock. If not in stock, you can still place your order: please consider at least 2 weeks to allow for preparation and firings and 5 days for the company’s delivery to your door. I will try my best to send your order the soonest that I can. It may also take longer if you are placing a big order. I will definitely get in contact with you if delivery times require to be longer but please do not hesitate to contact me at if you have any questions prior to placing any order or if you have very specific deadlines to meet. I will try my best to offer you a solution.

Shipping costs are not included in the product prices and are calculated based on the weight of your order during checkout.

Shipping costs are £8.99for the UK, £17.40 for Europe and £20.70 for USA and other international shipments.

Please send me an email if you think you order is late and need a follow-up.

All sales are considered final, unless you find out your products to be faulty. Please bear in mind that each piece may have slight differences and imperfections due to their handmade nature. In case you want to discuss a return. Please send me an email at, I will try my best to find a solution.

I use Paypal’s safe gateway for payments. So I do not see your card or bank account details at any stage of your order.

Paypal safely accepts, Mastercard, Visa payments.

Marlon Ceramics is a Loyka Visual Arts brand. The bank account holder name will appear as Loyka Visual Arts LTD.

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